About Us

Brand. It’s not what we do. It’s who we are.

About Us

Markedox is a new generation Marketing Startup. Backed by a strong visionary team of experts who have more than a decade of experience in performing the Marketing that matters.

Combining human behavior with technology, Markedox is innovating it’s Brand Development labs to bring out world class creative solutions that would help your business soar and make a huge impact in customer experience.

Our Vision

With every year passing by, we are observing a consistent change in human psychology & thus consumer behavior. The world is changing and hence needs are also experiencing a shift. The question arises, that how come one Marketing Strategy can cater to every kind of behavioral shift?

That is the need of the hour that Markedox innovation labs are trying to fulfill. The new era demands new concepts, new ideology, and new offerings. Hence when so much is under improvisation, how can Marketing be left behind?

Visionaries at Markedox invest the most on Data and Market research to find out What your customers want from you and helps you to strategize & optimize marketing in a way that your prospect gets the best customer experience and becomes your loyal fan.


The digital world is forever changing and evolving And here’s how we are keeping abreast with that pace

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