Brand. It’s not what we do. It’s who we are.

Markedox is a new generation Marketing Startup. Backed by a strong visionary team of experts who have more than a decade of experience in performing the Marketing that matters.

Combining human behavior with technology, Markedox is innovating it’s Brand Development labs to bring out world class creative solutions that would help your business soar and make a huge impact in customer experience.

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Our Vision​


effective teamwork

We have always believed that team work creates the dream work. Our team dynamics are deployed in a very efficient manner which ensures no one faces a bottleneck in accomplishing their tasks. Strong attributed balance between team takes the load balanced & deliver productivity


Result-Oriented Approach

Goal setting has been very crucial in our project planning process. Without a address, we can’t reach anywhere. We lives in a world surrounded by ocean of knowledge & strategies. It’s our job to customize a strategy that bring results for our customers. Our team set defined goals and rigorously works towards progress.


Focused Customer Success

What a great feeling it is to see your customers succeeding. For us there is no better feeling than watching our customer winning their business goals. To make sure that vibe always stay alive, our leaders always keep evaluating the project performances and consult customers to take smart move at the right times.

We're a team of most talented professionals

Strong team dynamics is our key to success. Apart from strong leadership we have subject matter experts for each and every domain who can help you sail through your challenges.

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our expert team

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